Cotton Candy Machine RoboJetFloss is unique in floating cotton candy upwards in an even, steady and powerful flow.

RoboJetFloss is designed* to make enormous servings of cotton candy, more than a meter (3feet) in diameter. You just need a little bit of practice to be able to make incredible tricks with the upward current of Candy Floss. After some practice, operator can make candy floss on 5 meters (16 ft) distance from the machine presenting an exciting show!

Due to its unique design, Cotton Candy Machine RoboJetFloss may operate under high ambient temperature and excessive relative humidity. The machine is equipped with a plastic floss pan.

Enormous cotton candy clouds will make you a hit at the next festival!

*International patent pending

RoboJetFloss technical specifications:

  • Production rate — up to 5 kg/hr (11 lb/hr)
  • Cold start time — 20 seconds
  • Rated Voltage — 120/240 VAC (50/60 Hz)
  • Rated Power — not more than 1700 W
  • Dimensions (LxWxH) — 670x670x480 mm
  • Weight — 15kg